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A collector from Germany and her record collection of Barbie dolls

A collector from Germany and her record collection of Barbie dolls
Bettina Dorfmann from Germany has been collecting Barbie dolls for 31 years. And this admiration led to the fact that the woman became a record holder in the Guinness Book.

Bettina received her first Barbie doll as a gift back in 1966. However, she began collecting seriously only in 1993. Initially, her interest in dolls arose in connection with a broken leg and the fact that she was limited in her movements. Dolls became her company for many months.
"I could choose clothes for them or play. At the time when I had to stay at home, my friends would come over and we would watch my collection together," Bettina recalls.

The history of Bettina's collection began with the fact that the woman decided to pass on the collection of dolls to her daughter. However, she neglected her mother's gift. This did not discourage Bettina, on the contrary, looking at her collection, she felt that this could be a new beginning.

Today, Bettina owns at least 18,500 Barbie dolls. She became one of the most famous collectors in the world. Thousands of treasured Barbies arranged by release date and style.
Collected modest clothes of dolls of the 50s, hats and gloves. 60s barbie with floral dresses and long hair. Then there are dolls from the 70s, 80s, etc. Among these beauties, you can even find the original and very rare first Barbie from 1959, which is considered a symbol of female beauty and elegance.

The collection also includes many limited edition houses, cars, boats and various accessories.
According to Bettina herself, her collection is not just a set of toys, but a kind of art project that reveals the diversity and evolution of the culture of these toys.

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