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The Stockholm City Transport Museum is a silent chronicler of the past

The Stockholm City Transport Museum is a silent chronicler of the past
Cities have their own stories, which are reflected in everything from architecture to transportation. In this context, it is important to note the presence of a unique city transport museum in Stockholm, which has become a kind of chronicler of the development of the city's transport system.

The City Transport Museum in Stockholm is owned by the joint-stock company SL (Storstockholms Lokaltrafik), which manages all city transport, including surface and underground transport. The idea of its creation belongs to Ernst Hjertzberg, director of one of the transport companies that later became part of SL.
The foundation of the museum dates back to 1922, when the first exhibit of the collection was a carriage of the city horse road. Over the years, the collection expanded and was replenished with new types of transport.

The permanent exhibition opened in 1944 in the Stockholms Spårvägar company building. 1963, after its demolition, the museum moved to the underground space under the Odenplan metro station.

However, by 1990, the transport collection had grown so much that it was decided to move the museum to a more spacious premises - a former tram depot in the Tegelviksgatan area.
The exposition of the museum is arranged in such a way that the visitor seems to make a journey in time, starting his route from the old moving carriages on a horse-drawn train, and ending it near the trams and subway cars that were taken out of service very recently.

Each exhibit tells its own unique story, reflecting the city's technological progress and cultural changes over the years.

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