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Anne Luty's gold jewelry in the collection of the British Museum

Anne Luty's gold jewelry in the collection of the British Museum
The jewelry industry has always attracted the attention of aesthetes, historians, and collectors, but few are able to immerse themselves in the world of precious jewelry as deeply as Anne Louise Luthi. Her contribution to the study and popularization of jewelry from different eras is impressive in its depth.

Educated in English Language and Literature at St Anne's College, Oxford, Ann Louise Luthi began her career in advertising, journalism and publishing. However, this was only the first step towards researching and learning various aspects of jewelry art.
Over time, Anne Louise became an active member of the Society of Jewelery Historians, where she not only joined the community of experts, but also shared her knowledge through lectures and publications. Her articles and talks were very popular among jewelry connoisseurs.

One of Luti's greatest contributions to the study of jewelry was her book, Sentimental Jewelry. This work was known for the deep research it contained, the simplicity of the language, which made it possible to understand the topic even for those who did not have thorough knowledge in this area. Ann Louise Luthi has always strived to make the history and culture of jewelry accessible to the general public. And her book helped in this.
Collaboration with the British Museum became an important part of Luti's research and collecting activities. The woman actively participated in the study of the museum's jewelry collections. Later, she even transferred her collection of gold jewelry here.

In her work, Ann Louise Luthi has demonstrated a great talent for researching and understanding the history of jewellery, a boundless passion for cultural heritage and a desire to pass this passion on to others.

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