6 November 2022, 14:51

Hooray, wait! Ukrposhta presented a stamp about the Crimean bridge

Hooray, wait! Ukrposhta presented a stamp about the Crimean bridge
Everyone was waiting and finally it happened - in Kyiv, on the bridge, which withstood the recent shelling, they presented the brand "Crimean Bridge for an Encore!". Unfortunately, I did not manage to be in Kyiv that day to become a direct witness of this event, but there are social networks and the official page of Ukrposhta on Facebook.

The stamp circulation is 300 thousand stamp sheets or 2.1 million marks. And now a little more detail: the center of the plot is the history of the Titanic, inscriptions and thematic details. Here you can draw a parallel, because once people were also convinced that this was the safest ship in the world. And here the lies of the occupiers about the strongest defense of the Crimean bridge are remembered. And what was the result - cotton on October 8, such a "large-scale structure" could not stand it: part of the road and railway tracks collapsed on it.
The main plot is, of course, the bridge. But it is decorated with many other artistic details. For example, an allusion to the phrase “Stop smoking anywhere, smoke where it hasn’t hit yet”, bayraktar in the sky, goods stolen by orcs flying into the abyss and other already recognizable elements.
I really liked the fixes that decorate the top of the vintage block. A very symbolic translation.
The author of the sketch, Yuri Shapoval, said that he began work on its creation in the summer. So this brand, as well as with the ship, is in some way prophetic.
Now the most interesting begins - replenishment of philatelic collections with these stamps. Have you already started doing this? Tell me, have you already managed to put a stamp block, a stamp or an envelope with a stamp into the album?

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