9 April, 22:00

Between drawing and reality: an Italian paints images of famous architectural monuments

Between drawing and reality: an Italian paints images of famous architectural monuments
Italian artist Pietro Cataudella combines his hyper-detailed sketches with famous architectural monuments. And just takes pictures of them together. It turns out quite unusual. At least, according to Pietro himself, no one has ever seen such places. 

The list of his works includes sketches for the Tower Bridge and the Coliseum, the Eiffel Tower and the Duomo Cathedral, etc.
Back in 2014, the artist started a project called CityLiveSketch. And Pietro started from his native Sicily. At first, he made sketches of the architectural structure as he saw it himself. After that, he photographed the real object and combined it with his sketch using photography. 

"The project is a combination of my passions for drawing, photography and travel. The goal is to show beauty in a different way, using only your skills, creativity and imagination," said Pietro Cataudella. 

The Italian artist never studied illustration, architecture or other related disciplines. Pietro considers his works to be the result of hard work, passion and desire to constantly improve. 
The artist uses his skills to create a harmonious combination between his works and real objects. He adheres to the principle of preserving the authenticity of architectural forms, but adds to them his unique vision. Thus, each of his works becomes a kind of memorable art object. 

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