12 April, 13:00

British museum workers have discovered a bomb shelter from the Second World War of an unusual design

British museum workers have discovered a bomb shelter from the Second World War of an unusual design
A bomb shelter of an unusual design was found by researchers of the Aviation Museum in Saywell. The opening took place on the grounds of St. Peter's School, in Kettering, England. 

The unusual design is that this bomb shelter was more like a railway tunnel. Similar structures were often found on London-Midland-Scotland (LMS) railway facilities. Such objects were strategically important, as wagons were sorted here. 

And they were considered one of the primary goals for German aviation during the Second World War. According to the German command, their shelling could interrupt freight traffic through the LMS network, which covered England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 
The structure itself consists of concrete panels with one entrance. Inside, among rusted barrels, prams, and other items, most of which are almost unrecognizable due to time, was found an aerosol spray-painted British Railways logo, the Double Arrow, a symbol designed in the 1960s by Gerry Barney. 
However, after analyzing the condition of the bomb shelter, the researchers came to the conclusion that the shelter had been visited by someone in recent years. 

Museum officials noted that in the early 1940s, St Peter's was the former home of the Timpson family, famous for their Timpson retail chain, which today has more than 2,000 stores across the UK. 

The building received school status in 1893, and in 1946 it was repurposed as Kettering Preparatory School, later renamed St. Peter's School.

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