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12 April, 18:00

Violity presents TOP-10 of the most expensive lots in March – video

Violity presents TOP-10 of the most expensive lots in March – video
Violita announced the top ten price records of last month. A video with a list of the most expensive lots of March was released on April 12 on the platform's official YouTube channel. 
The total amount of money raised from the sale of 10 antiques from 10 different sections of Violita was over 2 million hryvnias. 
The collection opens with a pastel by French impressionist Jean-Louis Forain. "Female Portrait", in which the author most likely depicted the sister of the French poetess Marie de Rainier in 1913, was bought for UAH 50,000

The eighth place, with a sale price of UAH 80,000, went to the most expensive toy of March. It is a rather rare and very valuable among collectors doll made of pressed sawdust called Iryna, which was made in the middle of the twentieth century at the Kyiv toy factory Peremoha. 

The most expensive piece of jewelry last month took seventh place in our rating. The exquisite earrings, made in the last quarter of the nineteenth century of 56-carat gold and decorated with precious stones, were valued at UAH 86,500 at the end of the auction. 

Watch the full video "Top 10 most expensive lots of March": 
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