Info Violity
Info Violity
14 April, 16:00

«Profitable selling» – mission is possible!

«Profitable selling» – mission is possible!
Thanks to the “Reserve price 0.01%” promotion, users of Violity and OXO have the opportunity to use the same feature on the most favorable terms: almost for free.

“Reserve price” — what it is?

A unique opportunity to sell a lot at a price not lower than the desired amount set when creating it. You set the desired price, and our robot-assistant engages in active trading with buyers, trying to bring offers closer to the set financial goal.

Promotion period

Usually, the cost of this service is 1% of the set reserve price, but from 00:01 on April 18 to 23:59 on April 19 2024 — it's only 0.01%! 

You have 3 days to prepare desired lots for the designated date and sell them at the most favorable price with our promotion.

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