16 April, 19:00

Will the dinosaurs return? Paleontologists are trying to answer

Will the dinosaurs return? Paleontologists are trying to answer
Could dinosaurs come back to life in case of climate change? This issue has recently been the subject of debate among paleontology specialists. And some researchers have interesting opinions on this issue. 

Climate change is a process that may be a key factor in considering the possibility of restoring ecosystems that existed in the past when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. In part, this applies not only to climatic changes, but also to some geological and biological factors that contributed to the disappearance of these huge animals. 

At one time, the outstanding American paleontologist Steven Jay Gould believed that if life could be "rewinded" and recreated again, existence would look different, much different. As far as modern research is concerned, Steven Brusatt, a paleontologist at the University of Edinburgh, also shares this opinion. 

The more scientists study fossils, the more they realize that extinction is forever. If a species or group goes extinct, they cannot come back. However, they do not rule out the possibility of a partial "return". For example, if Earth had entered a Cretaceous-like climate, Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops would certainly not have re-evolved, but other reptiles could. 

Earlier, scientists from the Free University of Brussels found out in which climate dinosaurs lived. For example, in the south of present-day Sweden, the temperature fluctuated between +15 °C in winter and +27 °C in summer. This is about 10 °C higher than today. 


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