24 April, 14:00

The Danish tycoon's collection will be put up for auction after almost 100 years of anticipation

The Danish tycoon's collection will be put up for auction after almost 100 years of anticipation
The Danish oil tycoon's collection will finally be auctioned off by his descendants. And this is after almost 100 years of waiting due to the strict terms of the will. 

Lars Emil Bruun's collection consists of coins, bills and medals mainly from the countries associated with Scandinavia - Denmark, Norway, Sweden. His collection also includes English coins, in particular from the reign of King Canute of England. 
To be more precise, these are 15,000 coins, 4,600 medals and tokens, 330 banknotes, as well as 1,800 book titles. When the assembly was almost formed, Bruun began to assess its national significance. He decided that it could become a kind of copy of the Royal Danish collection of coins and medals. 

Guided by this, the Danish tycoon made his will: the collection can be sold only 100 years after his death. Until then, it will be available only to scientists who research the history of Scandinavia. It is known that one of Bruun's grandsons tried to challenge the will, but it ended in failure. 
Since 2011, more than 20,000 carefully curated objects have been housed in four huge, custom-made cabinets. They remained safely stored in a secret location, insured for 500,000,000 Danish kroner. Stack's Bowers auction house is currently cataloging the collection, which was last inventoried almost immediately after the owner's death. And already in the fall of 2024, it is planned to put it up for open auction. 
It is assumed that the exhibits will be in the greatest demand among Scandinavian collectors. Although individual coins, bills and medals will find their connoisseurs among American, European and Asian numismatists and bonists. 

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