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Klimt's painting was sold for €30 million in Vienna

Klimt's painting was sold for €30 million in Vienna
An unfinished portrait of the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt was sold at the Im Kinsky auction in Vienna. This work was considered lost for about 100 years. 

At the end of January, it was reported that the painting had been found and it was planned to be put up for sale. On April 24, 2024, "Portrait of Fräulein Lieser" was sold for €30 million. 
This picture, full of elegance, once again testifies to Klimt's skill in reproducing the beauty and character of his models. It is believed to depict, most likely, the daughter of industrial magnate Adolf Leeser, Margaret Constance, or another of his daughters. 

However, Im Kinsky auctioneers speculated that it could be a portrait of one of the two daughters of Justus Leeser and his wife Henrietta. This family, which supported and financed art projects in Vienna, had strong connections with Klimt. 

It should be recalled that the history of the painting, starting from 1925, is difficult to trace. At that time, she belonged to a well-known Jewish family living in Austria. It was there that the portrait was last seen. It is not known what happened after that. Art critics have many questions about how this work of Klimt survived the Second World War. 

In the 1960s, the portrait appeared in the family of the current owners, whose names have not been disclosed. At the auction, the work of the Austrian artist was exhibited on behalf of the owners and heirs of the Lieser family. They do this based on the Washington principles of the international agreement on the return of stolen works of art to the descendants (heirs of the family) from which it was taken. 
Auctioneers im Kinsky called the deal "a fair and just decision." However, Erika Jakubovits, executive director of the presidency of the Austrian Jewish Community, said there were "many unanswered questions". 

"The restitution of art objects is a very sensitive issue, all research must be carried out accurately and in detail, and the result must be clear and transparent," Jakubovits clarified. 

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