27 April, 13:00

"Mona Lisa" can be moved to an underground room

"Mona Lisa" can be moved to an underground room
The management of the Louvre is considering the possibility of moving Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece "Mona Lisa" to a special underground room. However, territorially, the painting will be located in the Louvre. The reason was the disappointment of viewing this work of art by thousands of visitors. 

A recent analysis of 18,000 reviews of visitors to the Louvre made it clear that they were not satisfied with the "meeting" with the work of the Italian artist. The scale of dissatisfaction ranged from "never been so disappointed" to comparing the visit to torture. 
The administration of the museum decided to approach the solution of this issue rather unconventionally. Currently, the possibility of moving the "Mona Lisa" to a special underground room is being considered. 

The portrait, created in 1503, is displayed under bulletproof glass in the Louvre. The temperature and humidity in this room are strictly controlled to ensure the highest level of protection. In order to improve the experience of visitors in 2019, the coating of the protective glass was renewed by applying anti-reflective technologies. 
However, the director of the Louvre, Laurence de Carre, believes that it is necessary to go further and improve the conditions for visitors. She suggested moving the painting to a specially prepared room in the basement. Vincent Delevingne, chief curator of 16th-century Italian painting at the Louvre, supported the idea, pointing out that the large room made the painting "like a postage stamp" because of its size. 

Museum representatives emphasize that for 80% of visitors, the Mona Lisa is the main reason for visiting the Louvre. There are days when up to 25,000 people queue to see this work of art. However, due to the fact that each visitor spends only about 50 seconds in front of the painting, it has become the object of the greatest disappointment in the art world. 


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