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Collection of gold jewelry from the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum

Collection of gold jewelry from the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum
The Victoria and Albert Museum, founded after the World Exhibition in London, became a symbol of the combination of art and industry. Among its treasures is a collection of gold jewelry that "tells" the history of crafts and cultures.

In 1851, thousands of objects of applied art and design were brought from almost all over the world and exhibited in the specially built Crystal Palace on the grounds of Hyde Park.

The success of this event was overwhelming. It was after this exhibition that a large-scale discussion began about the need to create a special museum of applied arts of different eras and countries. And since the exhibits of the World Exhibition were not returned to the participating countries, London immediately became the owner of a wonderful collection, which only had to be supplemented.
Later, the collection of the museum consisted of ceramics and porcelain from different countries of the world, furniture of different eras, glass products, paintings, photographs, etc. The place of honor was and is still occupied by jewelry.

Gold jewelry from the Victoria and Albert Museum collection often reflects the influence of different cultures and styles. Many of them are marked by shades of Byzantine aesthetics - sophisticated patterns, complex techniques and the use of precious stones, which give them a sense of festivity and luxury.
The collection also has jewelry that is marked by exotic shades and reflects the influences of cultures of distant countries. Gold combined with stones and multi-colored enamels.

The collections gathered under the roof of one building are unparalleled in variety and scope - a 3,000-year heritage of the world's richest cultures.

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