8 May, 22:00

Not red, but green: what did black-and-white movie actresses paint their lips with?

Not red, but green: what did black-and-white movie actresses paint their lips with?
The era of black and white cinema seemed magical, refined and stylish. Memorable images, stylish outfits and, of course, expressive lips of actresses. However, the lipstick they used had a secret.

It is worth noting that the beauty industry was at its peak in the 1920s and 1930s. Lipstick was considered an integral part of a woman's image. But how exactly did they achieve such a perfect lip look on black and white screens?
For example, the effect of bright and juicy lips was achieved with the help of green lipstick. The thing is that the cameras at that time were equipped with filters that absorbed the color red, which made the actors look pale. To make the face more "alive" and more expressive, makeup artists used green pigment instead of the traditional red. Herbal lipstick stood out against a black and white background, making the lips as contrasting as possible.
Another trick was blue and blue shadows, thanks to which the look of the actors became much deeper, even more dramatic.

Makeup artists did not forget about powder. In those years, the quality and contrast of the image were not up to the mark, and the powder helped to softly matt the skin and create a perfect light on the face. The powder also had a blue or green tint.
It is interesting that this experience of using different colors inspired Max Factor to create cosmetics.


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