13 May, 13:00

Bob Dylan's abstract painting is set to sell for $100,000

Bob Dylan's abstract painting is set to sell for $100,000
A painting by the American pop singer Bob Dylan was exhibited on the online auction service RR Auction. It is planned that the work with the personal signature of the author will be sold for $100,000.

To realize his idea in 1968, the author chose abstractionism. Bob Dylan portrayed a bull, music notes, bow ties and other images. A year later, the singer presented the painting to Woodstock guest Sandy Lepanto in exchange for creating an astrological chart.
“Sandy was not only one of the most beautiful women in Woodstock at a time when there were many; she was a mystic, a cabalist, read the stars and made astrological charts for her friends. She was fascinated by mythologies, and she read widely and deeply the legends of many cultures," the singer once said.

Since Dylan did not cover the painting with varnish, it has minor damages: peeling, minor loss of paint, etc. However, according to the auctioneers, this will not significantly affect the final price that will be paid for the work.
Interestingly, despite the fact that Bob Dylan was a famous singer, he was also fond of painting. For example, he created the cover for The Band's 1968 album "Music from Big Pink" himself.
It should be recalled that he is considered one of the most commercially successful singers — as of 2017, the total circulation of his albums exceeded 100 million copies. In the list of his awards, there are 12 "Grammy" awards, one "Oscar" and one "Golden Globe".

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