13 May, 21:06

Cartridge with The Immortal game sold on Violity for 9014 UAH

Cartridge with The Immortal game sold on Violity for 9014 UAH
The emotions from last month's auction, when a set of five game cartridges for the Dendy console was purchased for 30 thousand hryvnias, have just subsided, and the section "Video Games. Game consoles" section, which has already set a new record.
From May 9 to May 12, collectors competed for a game cartridge with The Immortal RPG quest. The 57th bid with a price of 9014 UAH became the winner.
"The cartridge is working, but I haven't played the game in full, I give the winner 3 days to check it," the seller wrote in the description.
The Immortal is a single-player action-adventure game. It was developed by Sandcastle and published by Electronic Arts in November 1990. The game's graphical design is in 2D with an isometric perspective.
The game is set in a medieval fantasy world. In the story, a wizard is trying to find his mentor Mordamir in a large and dangerous labyrinth. During the eight levels, the player has to solve puzzles, avoid deadly traps, use magic spells and obtain various items. 
It can be stated that this is currently the most expensive game cartridge sold on Violity. The previous record holder was a 4-in-1 game cartridge with Bucky O'Hare, Summer Carnival '92, Top Gun II, and Dead Fox. It was purchased on the platform in the fall of 2022 for 3000 UAH.

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