13 May, 23:00

The Swiss craftswoman has been "reviving" household items since the 1970s

The Swiss craftswoman has been "reviving" household items since the 1970s
Ulla Stina Vikander, an artist from Switzerland, started creating cross-stitched items more than 10 years ago. During this time, she managed to collect almost 100 exhibits of her personal collection.

The 65-year-old woman chose a rather unusual design for these items. She embroiders various household items she finds at garage sales and flea markets. Bright colored crosses appear on old mixers, sewing machines, telephones, and toasters.
“In 2012, I started decorating common household items from the 1970s, such as a sewing machine, an electric mixer, a telephone, etc. I'm interested in seeing how these objects are transformed in a new context," says Vikander.

To create her masterpieces, the artist often visits markets and vintage shops, where she finds materials for her works. She chooses even those items that most people think are unnecessary. Some smaller items, like an iron or a telephone, only take a day or two to transform, but larger creations can take weeks.
Ulla Steen Vikander's work reminds us of the importance of looking at familiar things from a new perspective, that each object can have its own story and its continuation.

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