18 May, 15:00

A model ahead of its time: the Tucker 48 convertible is up for sale in the US

A model ahead of its time: the Tucker 48 convertible is up for sale in the US
The 1948 Tucker Torpedo Convertible is an innovative car for its time for sale in Texas. They plan to receive more than $2.3 million for it.

The car, created in 1948 by Preston Tucker, was supposed to be ahead of its time. At least that's how it was planned. It had a streamlined body design, a rotating headlight and a safety windshield.
From the technical side, this innovation was supported by an anti-theft system, disc brakes and improved suspension. All this was complemented by a 6-cylinder engine from a helicopter with a volume of 5.5 liters and a capacity of 166 hp.

However, despite all its advantages, instead of 60,000 convertibles that were supposed to roll off the assembly line before the automaker went bankrupt, only 50 were produced. Mass production was stopped due to financial problems and conflicts with competitors. This limited number has caused quite a high demand among collectors.
As for the car for sale, it is the only factory prototype of a two-door convertible. It was built after bankruptcy on an unfinished sedan chassis. The soft roof electric drive mechanism was borrowed from General Motors models. The car was used for a demonstration, and its mileage is only 16 km.

The convertible is listed with a starting price of $2,375,000.

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