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Tonner Doll Company dolls: a special kind of collectible

Tonner Doll Company dolls: a special kind of collectible
One of the most popular brands among collectors is the Tonner Doll Company. This company develops a number of original lines of dolls, including dolls for modern and classic films.

Tonner Doll Company, Inc. was founded in 1991 by Robert Tonner, a talented designer and artist. As a child, he was fond of drawing characters from television programs. He was inspired by The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, The Wonderful World of Disney, Charmed, as well as many comic book superheroes, such as the Justice League.
Among other things, Tonner worked in the field of fashion design, which helped him develop an attention to detail. Later he started creating very different but equally perfect dolls with large wardrobes of fashionable and stylish clothes. 

Tonner's first doll was released in 1982 - and already in 1985, the designer and artist received a glowing review of it from the National Institute of American Puppeteers. Since 1991, he has devoted himself entirely to the "doll business" by founding the Robert Tonner Doll Company.
Tonner has received the highest praise for puppet design from many experts and artists, and his puppet works have landed on the covers of glossy magazines. Tonner Doll Company's flagship doll line is the 16-inch Tyler Wentworth doll, a New York beauty who is always dressed in style and sophistication.

Other famous Toner dolls, which have remained favorites of adults and children for many years, are stars known all over the world - heroines of musicals and puppet characters of famous movies. Their height is from 20.5 to 40 cm, and almost all dolls are articulated, which makes them convenient to pick up, photograph, and play with.
Aesthetic appeal, a wide selection of themes, even investment made Tonner Doll Company dolls a separate type of collection. Robert Tonner deservedly occupies an honorable place among the most famous manufacturers of collectible dolls.

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