23 May, 14:00

A feather of an extinct bird was sold at an auction in New Zealand

A feather of an extinct bird was sold at an auction in New Zealand
The auction house Webbʼs announced the sale of a bird feather, the final price of which was $28,417. The record amount is due to the fact that it belongs to an extinct representative of sparrow-like birds - the hornbill.

The pen was put up for auction under protective glass and an archival document, which served as a kind of guarantee for the future buyer: the lot will be able to "live" in the collector's collection for a long time.
The starting price for the brown-and-black feather with a white border was $3,000. By the end of the auction, it had surpassed $28,000 and, according to the auctioneers, broke the previous record price for a feather of the same bird by 450%.

The hornbill is one of New Zealand's most famous birds. Due to its unusual plumage and the shape of the beak, it was considered sacred in the culture and traditions of the Maori, the indigenous people of the island state.
Among the reasons for the extinction of these birds, ornithologists single out excessive hunting in order to obtain their feathers for hats and stuffed animals; large-scale felling of the lowland forests of the North Island, the places where they lived.

It is believed that the last sighting of the guyu was on December 28, 1907, near the Tararua mountain range, but there were isolated reports of encounters with these birds until the 1960s.

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