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Eugene Hartung: the story of the artist who gave the world cat postcards

Eugene Hartung: the story of the artist who gave the world cat postcards
Eugen Hartung (1897-1973) was a prominent Swiss artist who was known for his detailed and humorous depictions of cats. In the middle of the 20th century, his works were very popular.

Postcards produced between the 1940s and 1960s illustrated everyday human situations played out by cats. Hartung's works were distinguished by their careful elaboration and realistic depiction of human habits.
Each Hartung postcard is a small masterpiece that can be looked at for a long time, finding new and new details. The subjects ranged from scenes from life to humorous sketches reflecting the social and fashion trends of the era. We can say that through his work the evolution of fashion and social mores of the mid-20th century was traced.

The postcard publisher Mainzer, named after its founder Alfred Mainzer, collaborated with Hartung, which led to some confusion. Often collectors mistakenly attribute the authorship of the postcards themselves to Alfred Meinzer, when he was their publisher. This confusion has continued to this day, and many continue to call these works “Mainzer Postcards”, despite the fact that the artist was Eugene Hartung.
Hartung's works are of significant collection value. They can be found at auctions and in specialized collectors' stores. They are in constant demand due to their uniqueness and timeless charm. 

They are considered a symbol of the era and an example of how art can reflect everyday life in a fun and accessible way. 

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