28 May, 18:00

Collection of 140 skull-shaped objects sold on Violity as one lot

Collection of 140 skull-shaped objects sold on Violity as one lot
A very unusual offer now awaits for collectors in the section “Ceramics, porcelain, glass”: one of the users Violity exhibited one lot solid collection of various objects made in the form of skulls - a total of about 140 pieces. The auction started on May 23. 
“The collection was collected for about 17 years, there were approximately 155 units. Part of it I kept (valuable commemorative gifts), part of it I donated. This is the remainder,” says the seller. 
It is indicated that all items are made of different materials: they are porcelain, metal, glass, plastic, clay, paraffin, etc., and one of the skulls - “of some foam material, soft as a deflated ball”. The items are in varying condition, mostly good.
“There is perfect, there are chips, peeled varnish, etc. Stored with care, but in the 17 years that the collection has been collected, there have been all sorts of things, it must be understood,” the description says. 
The items in the collection are very different indeed. Here are just a few of the items listed by the seller: push-button phones, piggy bank, aquarium decor, ashtrays, decorative paper knife, candle holders, bong, mugs, liquor bottle, glasses, masks, piggy banks, twist cap, hanging decor, lighters, salt and pepper shaker, pens, perfume bottle, ropes, curtain decor, skull constructor - and much more.
“There are unique pieces, and there are just souvenirs,” says the collection's current owner. And adds: “Ask questions, I will gladly answer adequate and on the topic.”
In addition to photos, the description is accompanied by a video review.
Now the lot is followed by a dozen people, and the price has increased from 1 hryvnia to 1223. There is a week left until the end of the auction.

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