29 May, 12:00

Special offer for collectors: McLaren will create small copies of the new sports car

Special offer for collectors: McLaren will create small copies of the new sports car
The British private car manufacturing company McLaren Automotive Limited presented a sports car with a special color in mid-May 2024. The unique Senna Semper sports car is not for sale. But the automaker decided to supplement it with 30 scale replicas for collectors.

Models in 1:8 scale will be equipped with a completely identical coating, which includes a matrix image of the face of Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna on the rear wings. For the actual car, the painting was done by hand by the McLaren MSO team.
The company does not say how they adapted the photo of the racer to the scale of the autocopy. But they noted that this procedure took about 3,000 hours.

Smaller copies of the sports car will receive a detailed interior, V8 engine, brakes and Pirelli tires.

The automaker plans to create 30 copies, the price of which will be equivalent to the cost of the real car and will be $21,385.
As for the original, McLaren planned to present a special Senna at the Monaco Grand Prix, where Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri will compete in their McLaren MCL38 Formula 1 cars. The Senna Semper is a pre-production example taken from the McLaren Heritage Collection.

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