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30 May, 15:58

Kharkiv collector, volunteer and vlogger Oleksandr Monkevych is a guest of “Listen to Violity”

Kharkiv collector, volunteer and vlogger Oleksandr Monkevych is a guest of “Listen to Violity”
This Friday, May 31, the premiere of the next episode of the Listen to Violity podcast will take place. 
This time Denys Minin will be joined by a collector Oleksandr (Manik) Monkevych.
He is known to the Violity community as Manik80, and to YouTube viewers as the author of the Лавка Задоволень channel. With the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the experienced numismatist and antiques expert became a volunteer in his hometown Kharkiv.
Denys managed to discuss many topics with the hero of the episode. What is the secret of the popularity of souvenir coins and banknotes, is it worth looking for treasures in your own pockets, and will Ukrainian collectible money grow in value? 
They talked about Kharkiv, the city's volunteer movement and its urgent needs. The peculiarities of an antique shop under fire and how the war changes the attitude towards expensive collections. 
Oleksandr shares with the audience his many years of experience as a video blogger and Violity user, and talks about unusual things he has held in his hands.

Don't miss the premiere on the Віоліті PRO колекціонування YouTube channel on Friday, May 31 at 17:00.

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