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An additional pair of doors and an elongated body: an unusual limousine was sold in the USA

An additional pair of doors and an elongated body: an unusual limousine was sold in the USA
Pontiac Catalina of 1970 was sold at the American auction Bring a Trailer for $15,250. Tuning of the family car made it possible to turn it into an unusual limousine.

The car received a pair of doors, the body length increased to 7.4 m, and the wheelbase - to 4.9 m. Three rows of seats were installed in the cabin. Pontiac Catalina also got central locking, power windows, radio, air conditioning, electric driver's seat.
This gold-trimmed example features chrome bumpers, a V-shaped grille, and round headlights in square 'bezels'. Stageway emblems adorn both front fenders, and the tailgate has a badge that says “by Armbruster, Ft. Smith, Ark.”

On the technical side, the car is equipped with a 6.6-liter V8, which is paired with a 3-speed automatic transmission.
The Pontiac Catalina was tuned by the Stageway Coaches company, which produced such cars in small batches. They were mostly used for tourist trips. Although some of these cars even carried passengers in small airports.
Despite the fact that the Pontiac Catalina was running, in the description of the car, the seller indicated the need for restoration. Right mirror missing, bubbles and paint chips present. Windshield wipers need replacing.

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