13 June, 14:00

The children's dresses of Elizabeth II and her sister Margaret will be sold in London

The children's dresses of Elizabeth II and her sister Margaret will be sold in London
A collection of dresses that once belonged to Elizabeth II and her sister Margaret is up for sale at a British auction in London. The clothes are expected to sell for £12,000.

The lots on display are a white cotton baby dress and hat, a pink and green flowered dress, a red and white festooned dress and a yellow ruffled dress. Also up for sale is a pair of blue and pink polka dot dresses worn by Elizabeth and her younger sister, Princess Margaret, as children.
This collection of royal children's clothing is accompanied by a photograph of the future queen in a floral dress during her summer holidays at Glamis Castle.

Elizabeth and Margaret's clothes, when they grew out of them, were allowed to be kept by their nanny Clara Knight. Shortly before her death in 1967, the lady sent the royal dresses to her family in East Sussex. The box of clothes was later donated to Bexhill Museum.
After the museum was renovated, curators returned the clothes to Clara Knight's family, who later gave them to antiques collector Daniel Haddon. Last year the clothes were exhibited at the Children of Glamis exhibition.

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