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13 June, 19:59

"The book came back to the family": the incredible adventures of Tychyna's book from Violity

"The book came back to the family": the incredible adventures of Tychyna's book from Violity
"A story filled with absolutely cinematic clichés, which, nevertheless, took place in reality," is how Oleksandra Ambrose summarizes her unexpected encounter. Last week, the Kyiv journalist went to the capital's Samosad Park during a power outage. She wrote about what happened next on the social network X (Twitter):
"I'm sitting here in Samosad, reading. Next to me, a guy and a girl are obviously on a date, and they are asking me all these questions: what are your hobbies, how do you spend your free time. The girl asks the guy what he does after work. He says: I generally collect old books in Ukrainian, either published abroad by the diaspora or here. I buy them somewhere, at flea markets, somewhere else. I really like it when I come across books with donor signatures.
For example, I have my favorite book by Tychyna, which Tychyna himself signed. And to a woman with such an interesting name: Olimpiada Lavrentiivna. I'm so eager to learn at least something about a woman with such an incredible name," she says.
Oleksandra says that at this point her hands begin to tremble.
"I turn to him and say, 'Excuse me, I overheard your conversation by accident, but Olimpiada Lavrentiivna was my great-grandmother's name. He looks at me like I'm crazy and asks: what was her last name? Yakubova, I say. He laughs and says, "So, I have your great-grandmother's book.
"...I'm standing on this wooden platform, my skin is crawling, my eyes are full of tears. He says, "Do you want me to show you a photo?"
After seeing the photos in the book, Oleksandra, in turn, showed Oleksii a photo of Olimpiada Lavrentiivna herself.
"Here I have to say that my grandmother, the daughter of the heroine of our story, is very active on Facebook and posts a lot of photos from family archives. I go to her Facebook page and there it is - a photo of Olimpiada Lavrentiivna with her eldest daughter, my grandmother, in her arms. (...) When we said goodbye, Oleksii said: this is the magic of Podil. And it is."
The girl immediately told her father and grandmother about this unexpected meeting by phone. From them she learned that Olimpiada Lavrentiivna was an ENT doctor and treated the poet.

It happened on June 3, and on June 8, Oleksandra saw Oleksiy again. She informed him about the return of the family heirloom.
"Friends, the book has returned to the family. We met with Oleksii, I told him everything I knew about Olimpiada Lavrentiivna, and he told me how he bid for the book at an online auction on October 22nd and won!"
Pavlo Tychyna's collection Poplars Bend Harps, published by the State Publishing House of Fiction in 1963 in 8,000 copies, was sold on Violity on October 14, 2022, at ten o'clock in the evening. During the auction, 32 bids were made, and the winning bid was 1230 hryvnias.
Oleksandra asked her family about how the book could have come to the seller. "After my great-grandmother died, the apartment was rented out to someone. Perhaps the tenants or relatives took it," she suggests.
The relevance of Tychyna's poems was also striking. 
"We gathered as a family, and my father reads from Tychyna. It's hard to read because he clenches his throat," the girl later shared. 
As for the buyer, he not only returned the book artifact to Oleksandra, but also supported her fundraising for the needs of the military.
"Oleksiy decided to remain incognito, so there will be no photo of him here. But!!! He not only gave the book, but also donated two other unique books from his collection to the Dostup Fund. So soon we will be holding an extraordinary bookish raffle. But you can already donate a couple of hryvnias to Dostup, as we need 200 thousand hryvnias a month for regular expenses."
Moreover, he told Oleksandra that he had previously wanted to give this particular collection of Tychyna's books to volunteers for another charity auction for the Armed Forces, but that time it didn't work out.
Violity's support contacted Oleksiy. We are grateful to him for his worthy deed and want to add to his book collection, which he manages so generously. The gifts from us - a facsimile edition of a prominent Ukrainian manuscript, the 13th-century Vienna Oktioch, and an international collective monograph dedicated to it, published in a separate volume - are already on their way to Oleksiy by mail.

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