21 November 2022, 21:28

Names and nothing else: what was left of the Kherson Museum after the departure of the “liberators”?

Names and nothing else: what was left of the Kherson Museum after the departure of the “liberators”?
Kherson Museum of Local Lore was under attack. A blow that was once again treacherously inflicted on the bearer of the Russian world. Sounds almost like a disease. And its main symptom is to destroy everything Ukrainian.

Destroyed, devastated. With almost bare walls. The windows are broken, the exhibits are taken out. This is how the Kherson Museum of Local Lore looks like after the departure of the occupiers. This is evidenced by the photographs published by the official news agencies of our country.
When I look at these pictures, I am once again convinced that the robbery and destruction of the cultural heritage of Ukraine is already a strategic mission of the Russian military. And there seems to be nothing to be surprised at... But when you see all this, the question arises again, how could this happen in our time?

After all, before the arrival of these "connoisseurs of other people's property" in the museum's funds, there were more than 173 thousand exhibits, 6 departments functioned. Among the exhibits are some of the best archaeological collections in Ukraine. The age of some of these finds exceeded 7 thousand years.

The museum's funds also included a collection of coins from ancient cities of the Northern Black Sea region, a large complex of cold and firearms of the 16th-20th centuries, a collection of hunting rifles from the 18th-19th centuries, a collection of porcelain and antique furniture.

It is impossible not to recall the unique collection of lapidary monuments from the Museum of Antiquities of Ponto Scythian. The list of unique exhibits goes on…

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