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21 June, 18:00

The Most Expensive Lots of May were Presented by Violity - video

The Most Expensive Lots of May were Presented by Violity - video
Violity has traditionally announced the ten price record holders of the past month. A video with a selection of the most expensive lots of May appeared on June 21 on the platform's official YouTube channel.
The total amount from the sale of 10 antiques from 10 different sections of the site exceeds UAH 1 million.
The rating is opened by a second-hand book artifact - the first publication of the unique Cossack Chronicle of Samovydets, written in the old Ukrainian language by an eyewitness, a senior officer of the Zaporizhzhia Army. The 57th bid with a price offer of UAH 40,000 was the winning bid.

The 9th place went to an exceptional ceramic work - an exhibition sample of the decorative "Pivnyk" of Vasylkiv majolica, created in 1957 by Ukrainian master of artistic ceramics Valerii Protoriev. The sample for mass production signed by the master was purchased for 41,000 UAH.

The 8th place went to the most expensive lot in the Bonistics section - a commemorative 50 hryvnia banknote issued on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the National Bank of Ukraine. The banknote, which is still legal tender in Ukraine, was valued by collectors at 1000 times its face value.

Watch the full video "10 Most Expensive Lots of May":
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