22 June, 12:40

Spanish archaeologists have studied the world's oldest wine

Spanish archaeologists have studied the world's oldest wine
The age of the world's oldest wine among those found in liquid form is about 2000 years old. And it resembles sherry.

A red-brown liquid was found in a funerary urn during the study of an intact Roman tomb. According to archaeologists, at first it was white, but as a result of chemical reactions, the alcoholic drink changed its color.
An urn with wine was found several years ago in the city of Carmona in Andalusia in a sunken Roman tomb. She was accidentally encountered by local residents who were making repairs in their house. Six urns made of limestone, sandstone or glass and lead were placed in eight burial niches. Each contained the cremated remains of one person. The names of the dead were inscribed on two urns.

"We must thank the civic spirit of the owners of the house, who immediately called the city archeology department. The researchers quickly realized that the tomb was unusual because it had not been invaded or looted," said José Rafael Ruiz Arrebola, an organic chemist at the University of Córdoba who led the wine analysis.
Analysis by experts from the University of Córdoba showed that one of the urns contained a liquid with a pH close to that of water, and chemical elements very similar to those present in modern wines.

Previously, a bottle of Speyer wine found in Germany in 1867 and dated to around 325 AD was considered to be the oldest liquid wine. is.

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