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Collection of Montague Guest tokens from the British Museum collection

Collection of Montague Guest tokens from the British Museum collection
Montagu Guest was a famous British politician and an active member of the Liberal Party. In addition to his political career, he was closely associated with Freemasonry, holding the high office of Grand Master of Dorset Freemasons until his resignation in 1905. However, his passion for collecting left an equally interesting mark in history.

Montagu Guest collected various objects throughout his life. His collections included tokens, coupons, prints and books. He had a deep interest in history and culture, so he studied in great detail the antique objects he came across.
Among the many things Gest collected, a special place was occupied by a collection of tokens. These tokens were used in various public places — hotels, parks, theaters, etc.

In 1906, shortly before his death, Montague Guest donated his token collection to the British Museum. This move was part of his desire to preserve the historical heritage and make it available for future generations. The collection is now housed in the British Museum, where it is a valuable exhibit for researchers and visitors.
But these are not the only items that have aroused the interest of collectors. After Montague Guest's death, his book collection was sold at Sotheby's auction, and the drawings were sold at Christie's.

Gifted collections and his contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage testify to his deep love for history and culture. His passion for Freemasonry and collecting created a unique legacy that continues to inspire researchers and historians to this day.

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