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Without unnecessary sentiments: the history of women's boxing

Without unnecessary sentiments: the history of women's boxing
Women's boxing, as a sports discipline, has an interesting and centuries-old history that begins in the 18th century. The first mentions of women in boxing gloves belong to public performances. However, in those days it was more of a pastime than a sporting discipline with rules.

The history of women's boxing includes the names of outstanding athletes who took risks and performed in amateur interpretations of this fight. One of the first famous female boxers was Elizabeth Wilkinson, who fought in Clerkenwell using the rules of the day, which allowed pushing, throwing and hard fighting without strict restrictions.
In the 19th century, boxing became the object of bans in many countries, and women were often denied participation in this sport. However, this did not prevent them from realizing their sporting ambitions, and they continued to compete even with men in various arenas.

In the 20th century, women's boxing gradually regained its popularity and status, turning into a real sport with recognized rules and tournaments. Famous athletes such as Laila Ali, Christy Martin, Claudia Chin have made a significant contribution to the development of women's boxing as a professional sport.
The real recognition of women's boxing began in the late 1980s. In 1988, Sweden became the first country in the world to host a women's boxing competition sanctioned by a national federation. In 1994, this sport was officially recognized by the International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA), a special subcommittee was created in the Association. Three years later, the first international women's amateur boxing competitions took place in Greece.
Today, women's boxing has its own clearly defined rules. And it continues to gain popularity among athletes and fans around the world.


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