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George Stubbs and his dog paintings

George Stubbs and his dog paintings
George Stubbs, a prominent 18th-century artist, is remembered for his unrivaled depictions of animals, especially horses and dogs. Some art critics believe that they became his calling card.

Born in Liverpool in 1724, Stubbs began his career as a portrait painter of horses, but soon expanded his horizons by becoming the first artist to approach equine anatomy in a scientific manner.
One of the most significant achievements of his career was the book "Anatomy of the Horse", published in 1766. This was the first publication in history dedicated to the anatomy of horses. In his illustrations, every muscle and bone was depicted with amazing precision, which made his work not only artistic, but also scientifically valuable.

The original illustrations for this book made by the artist are now kept in the archives of the Royal Academy of Arts. Even before the publication of this work, the artist received an order from the Duke of Richmond for three canvases depicting horses, which the artist did an excellent job with. Almost after this, Stubbs became a fashionable brush artist and a financially secure person among the English aristocracy.
Dogs, another passion of the artist, also often became the main characters of his paintings. His works portrayed these animals as independent creatures living in their own unique world. Stubbs was able to convey their individual characters and expressiveness, often avoiding the standard attributes of a portrait of their owners.

Stubbs' artistic career was closely associated with the English aristocracy, for whom he often worked. His portraits of dogs and horses became an integral part of the culture and style of the time. However, even within these portraits, he knew how to embody his individual vision, making each work significant.

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