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Replaced copy of Milan Cathedral - an artifact that preserves important details of its time

Replaced copy of Milan Cathedral - an artifact that preserves important details of its time
In the heart of Milan there is a museum dedicated to the Milan Cathedral (Duomo). One of the most significant exhibits of this museum is a wooden model of the cathedral in scale 1:22, which was created over three centuries, from 1519 to 1891.

Work on this magnificent model began during the Renaissance under the direction of Bernardino Zenale da Treviglio, a famous master of his time. The model is made of lime and walnut and represents the cathedral in its 16th-century condition. This work of art is not only a scaled-down replica, but also an artifact that preserves important architectural details and styles of the time.
The model clearly shows elements that have changed or been modified in the real cathedral over time: the apse, transept and tiburium, the bays of naves extending from the transept to the façade. This model is an important historical source for studying the evolution of the cathedral's architecture and for understanding the construction process of the time.

The model not only serves as a visual representation of the Renaissance Cathedral of Milan, but also plays an important role in the museum's educational program. It helps visitors understand the scale and grandeur of this famous cathedral, as well as delve into its history and architectural details.
The Milan Cathedral is considered one of the largest Gothic churches in Europe. The total number of statues in the cathedral reaches 3,400 pieces. This late Gothic building contains many spiers and sculptures, marble pinnacles and columns.

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