8 July, 22:00

Change beyond recognition: the secret of a medallion with a miniature portrait

Change beyond recognition: the secret of a medallion with a miniature portrait
In the world of art, from time to time there are things that delight with their originality. One of these artifacts is a medallion with a miniature portrait of a girl, created in the Netherlands in the 17th century.

This portrait is a true marvel of technique and imagination. Inside the leather case there is a portrait painted on a copper base. It is also complemented by sixteen oval mica pieces with images of various hairstyles, costume elements and accessories.
Each piece of mica can be inserted into a cutout on the front side of the case, which allows you to change the girl’s appearance beyond recognition. Incredibly, thanks to such transformations, the image of a girl can be turned into the image of a boy.

The history of this portrait certainly makes one wonder how it was conceived and created. In the 17th century, innovation in art was valued in the Netherlands, and the artists of that time sought to create something unique. A variable locket could be made for both entertainment and practical purposes, allowing its wearer to adapt his appearance depending on the circumstances.
In the summer of 2004, this medallion was sold to a private collection.
This miniature portrait of a girl in a leather case can be considered a symbol not only of the sophistication and mastery of 17th century art, but also a testament to man's eternal desire for creativity and innovation.

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