8 December 2022, 11:06

Bayraktars, Neptunes and Javelins - weapons that appeared on new stamps from Ukrposhta

Bayraktars, Neptunes and Javelins - weapons that appeared on new stamps from Ukrposhta
It is already becoming a tradition that the main postal operator of Ukraine issues postage stamps for significant events for the country. The Weapons of Victory stamps were timed to coincide with the Day of the Armed Forces. It is quite logical that these philatelic products are decorated with weapons that help resist the Russian invaders.

If you look at the sheet with postage stamps, then there we will see samples of weapons of Ukrainian and foreign production. Let's point by point.

These are the Alder multiple launch rocket system, the Neptune anti-ship missile system, and the Stugna-P portable anti-tank missile system made in Ukraine. Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles Bayraktar TB2. American FGM-148 Javelin missile systems and M142 HIMARS artillery missile systems.
When you see or hold such a brand in your hands, it even becomes a little scary. From this massiveness, destructive force and power. But when you remember that all this helps to resist enemies, you calm down.

But back to brands. A total of 200,000 copies were printed. The cost of a stamp sheet is 90 hryvnia. Moreover, part of the funds from the sale of these brands will be transferred to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
It is already traditional that the sheets with postage stamps are complemented by a first-day envelope, an unmarked envelope and a postcard. And for lovers of additional products, thematic merch is available.

By the way, new stamps with weapons of victory are already on sale from December 6 in the city offices of Ukrposhta throughout the country.

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