Appendix 1. Items prohibited for sale

Administration prohibits the sale of the following items on the Violity site:

1. State awards of Ukraine.

2. Antiquities and antiques, wanted.

3. Special equipment of active defense (electric shock, handcuffs, rubber batons and other special equipment).

4. Firearms and cold steel, ammunition.

5. Explosives and pyrotechnic materials (fireworks).

6. Special technical means of secretly receiving confidential information, as well as tools and devices for secret penetration into the premises, vehicles, other objects and their inspection.

7. Restricted and forbidden tools for obtaining objects of the animal world and catching aquatic biological resources (traps, electric fishing rods, screens, vents, grids, screens, spikes, crossings, etc.).

8. Fake national currency in the form of banknotes or metal coins, counterfeit foreign currency, fake government securities or state lottery tickets.

9. Jewelry and other products with fake test hallmarks.

10. Existing or valid state identity cards, signs, permits, permissions and licenses.

11. Current official forms and forms of strict accountability.

12. Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors.

13. Medical drugs, biologically active additives (BAA).

14. Ethanol.

15. Modern subjects (XX-XXI centuries) with an explicit pornographic content.

16. Human organs and bones.

17. Second-hand underwear.

18. Goods that violates copyrights / intellectual property of third parties.

19. Software without license.

20. Messenger accounts (ICQ, Skype and others), email addresses, social networking accounts, games and more.

21. Items that promote the ideology of racism, incite national and religious hostility.

22. Awards (badges, medals, orders, crosses, cockades etc.) of the army, navy, air force, law enforcement аnd other militarized structures, cossack units of the Russian Federation and Belarus after the collapse of the USSR.

23. Flags and items with symbols of illegally proclaimed so called "people's" republics.

24. Other goods and/or services the sale of which is expressly banned or restricted (for the sale of which the Seller must have a special legal capacity) by the law of the State of the location of the goods and/or services.

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