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How to sell (general information)

Thousands of collectibles are sold and bought daily at VIOLITY. Our website is recognized by sellers and buyers as one of the most convenient, reliable and user-friendly website of the world. A convenient and thoughtful structure of sections and subsections allows you to spend a minimum amount of time searching for collectibles you interested on. In order to become a participant of VIOLITY as a seller it is necessary to be a registered user and have a positive balance in your VIOLITY wallet. .

We strongly recommend you to study the Rules in detail before start to bid.

Violity website provides paid services, more details about the tariffs here .

How to create a lot

To create a new lot you need:

1. Login to the site by clicking the "Login" button and enter your login (phone, e-mail) and password.

2. Switch to “My Cabinet” and check the account status, as the creation of a new lot is possible only with a positive balance. If you do not have enough funds to create a lot, you need to replenish your account.


3. If there is a positive balance, click the "Create lot" button, putting up for bidding or for sale with a fixed price, and fill out all the required boxes in the form:

  • Choose site – you need to select the necessary site from the list.
  • Choose Section – You need to select the section you need from the list.
  • Name of the lot – the name of the product.
  • The starting price – is the minimum price for which the user agrees to sell the lot.
  • Finish – the date and time of the completion of trading on this lot.
  • Blitz price is the highest price for which you agree to give the item right away without waiting for the result of the auction.
  • The reserve price – is the price below which the seller does not agree to sell, the transaction will not take place. None of the bidders know the fact a reserve price is set. The "Reserve price" is a prepaid service. The cost of the service is 1% of the established reserve price.
  • Material – indicate the material from which the goods are made.
  • Conditions – a description of the conditions of the goods being sold.
  • Restoration – it is necessary to indicate whether this product was restored earlier.
  • Defects – if there are any defects or damages, it is necessary to specify them.
  • Location – the city or province where the lot is located.
  • Payment – all methods of payment convenient for you according to the Rules.
  • Delivery according to the current legislation – all convenient ways of sending the goods, indicating the person or entity that pays for delivery. If you are ready to send the lot abroad, check this fact.
  • Link to the discussion of the lot on the forum "Definition of objects" – a link to the topic in the forum, where the submitted item was discussed.
  • Short description – the most detailed description of the goods for a full understanding of the value and qualities of the lot by the buyer.
  • Photo – photos in JPG or GIF format (the maximum size of the photo - 3 Mb), which most accurately reflect the appearance of the goods. It is desirable to post photos from different angles and from different sides. It is necessary to show all the defects in order to avoid claims from the buyer. Pay attention to the importance of assigning a title photograph, this photo will be displayed first on the page of the lot.

4. Check the boxes about the consent with the VIOLITY Rules and click the "Create lot" button, then the lot is processed by the system and appears in the section "My cabinet" - "Sell" - "Active". The lot is active since then. The sales end date is set by the seller when the lot is created.

How can I edit a lot?

To change the data in the lot, you need to contact the moderators. To do this, click the red button opposite the lot and write and submit your request.


Bidding process

When in the course of bidding for the lot you have placed, one of the participants of these trades bets or adds a comment, then a notification is sent to your email address about these events.

We suggest you to check for email notifications in the “Spam” tab. The website is not responsible for the settings of the user's mail services and does not guarantee receipt of notices to third-party services (e-mails, phone numbers, etc.).

Notifications of changes are displayed in the personal VIOLITY cabinet of the seller, in the section "Sell" - "Active".

Opposite the actively traded lot, the seller can see the login of the buyer, who placed the highest bid.

If potential buyers ask questions about the properties or characteristics of the lot in the comments to your lot or require additional photos, then you as the seller are obliged to give honest and reasonable answers to these questions, as well as to provide additional requested images.

After successful bidding, the lot is moved to the "Sell" - "Sold" section. The seller of the lot must send a notification to the winner with the requisites for payment / delivery of the goods. To do this, in the personal cabinet, opposite the sold lot, you need to click on the icon with the image of the envelope and in the column "Messages" to provide all the information necessary for completing the transaction.

The seller at the VIOLITY can additionally use convenient functions, namely:

Payment / delivery of the lot

The seller establishes the terms of payment / delivery of the lot when it is created, subject to the Rules of VIOLITY auction.

This information is available to all users. Terms of payment / delivery can be changed only during bidding with the mutual consent of the buyer and seller.

It is strongly recommended that you read the rules of payment for the lots, since the method of payment directly depends on the business rating of the counterparty (both the seller and the buyer).

Completion of the transaction

After the transaction has taken place, it is necessary to evaluate the quality of the transaction, for this you need to perform the following steps:

  • go to the "My Account" tab, in the "Sell" – "Sold" – "Chat" section;
  • opposite the lot you sold, click on the icon with the symbol "…";
  • rate the deal by choosing the quality of the transaction "excellent/ normal/bad".

The valuation of the transaction is mandatory. Only after receiving mutual feedback from the seller and the buyer the transaction is recognized as completed.

We wish you successful sales!

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