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As part of our mission to connect people around the world, we determine to provide you with the unparalleled opportunity to sell your collectibles, works of art and personal belongings not only in your country but also abroad, within the compliance of local active laws. It is important for us that you feel comfortable and trust us with your information when you use Violity services:, та (hereinafter – "Violity", "Services", "Services"). Please take a few minutes to read and accept the Privacy Policy ("Policy"), learn about what information we collect, what we do with it, and why. We collect only the information that allows us to provide you with our Services at the highest level. This includes, in particular, performing simple actions, such as those that allow other users to see your Violity profile - business rating, active lots. It also helps us protect Violity from fraudulent activity and spam, gives us a unique understanding of what additional Services may be useful to achieve the goals outlined in this Policy below.

Scope and Consent

Before you start sharing your collections, it is important that you understand that by starting using our Services, you give prior consent for us to collect, process, use, disclosure and storage of your personal data and other information within the limits of this Policy. We assure you that we will use your information only as described above. By using the Services, you also agree to our Rules, mandatory for all users. Please read and accept our Terms of Use prior to starting of using the Violity Services.

I. General provisions

This Privacy Policy establishes the procedure for obtaining, storing, processing, using and disclosing personal data of Violity users. Personal data provided by the user when filling out registration forms on Violity, as well as during any action in the process of using Violity Services and Services, is received and processed by FOP Cherkesov K.V. and PLC "Violity Ukraina" for the period and for the purposes provided by this Policy.

In order to register on the site and use Violity, the user must carefully familiarize himself with the Violity Rules and this Privacy Policy, giving his full agreement to its terms by clicking the button "I confirm that I have read (read) the Rules of Violity, the Privacy Policy, the Rules of Conduct, I accept them and undertake to fulfil them."

The User may not use Violity if he does not agree to the Terms and Conditions of this Policy.

By carrying out any interaction with the site, the user gives his unequivocal consent to the terms of the Rules and the terms of this Policy. The user provides FOP Cherkesov K.V. and PLC "Violity Ukraina" with the right to receive, store, process, use and disclose personal data perform, any other necessary actions with them under the terms of this Policy.

The user acknowledges that in the case of his careless attitude to the security and protection of his personal data and authorization data, third parties may gain unauthorized access to the user's account and personal data. FOP Cherkesov K.V. and PLC "Violity Ukraina" are not responsible for losses and other consequences caused by such access.

II. What personal data we may collect

We collect personal information when you register on the site, log into your account, make a purchase or sale, involve in other activity, and when you log out of your account. The information includes your full name, contact phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. We may also collect the following information:

  • Cookies in order to identify the user's browser and provide services dependent on it, for example, storing data in the basket between visits..
  • User's IP address to serve ads and log user activity.
  • Information about errors in the operation of the resource, initiated by the user..
  • Інформацію про поведінку користувача на сайті. Вся інформація збирається нами «як є» та не змінюється у процесі збирання даних.
  • Information about user behaviour on the site. All information is collected by us "as is" and does not change during the data collection process. Information in social networks. If you create an account on Violity through third-party social networking sites such as Facebook or Google, you agree to provide us with permanent access to your personal data on such sites (for example, your public profile, friend list, accounts you have or are related to you, your e-mail address, birthday, education history, interests, city of residence, video viewing history). We may receive certain information about you stored on social networking sites if users of those sites give us access to their profiles and you are one of their friends or recipients, depending on your settings on those sites.
  • Information from other sources. The information we collect may be combined with information from external sources (such as demographic data and additional contact information), including publicly available information (such as is freely available) obtained by us in an orderly manner and from sources not prohibited by applicable law.

III. What type of your personal information will be used. Purpose of use

We are dedicated to create a comfortable environment adapted to the needs of each user. We use all the information we have to provide and support our services, namely:

  • Remember information so that you do not have to re-enter it during the current or next visit to the Violity website;
  • Provide, improve, test and monitor the effectiveness of the service;
  • Develop and test new products and features;
  • Track metrics such as total visitors and traffic;
  • Diagnose or correct technical malfunctions;
  • Notify you about new opportunities, updates and promotions of Violity;
  • Use for marketing purposes, create unique offers for each user;
  • Process your payments (we may use your information to process your payments for our Services);
  • Prevent fraudulent actions and spam distribution;
  • Ensure compliance with current legislation, Terms of Use and this Policy;
  • Communicate with you (we may use your information to contact you by e-mail or otherwise to provide support for the Violity Services).

IV. Conditions for providing access to the database

We do not transfer personal data to third parties, with the exception of the data necessary to fulfil the request, for example, when paying for Violity services or for the purposes of marketing, advertising, etc., as well as the cases provided for by current legislation or the provisions of this Policy indicated below. Users undertake not to disclose or transfer to third parties their personal data, such as login and password, as well as information of other users because of concluding agreements or other actions on Violity sites. Disclosure of personal data without the consent of the User or a person authorized by the User specified by law and exclusively in the interests of national security, economic well-being and human rights, in particular, but not exclusively:

  • Upon justified requests of government bodies that have the right to demand and receive such data and/or a court decision;
  • In the event that, in the opinion of FOP Cherkesov K.V. and PLC "Violity Ukraina", the User violates the terms of the Violity Rules and/or other contracts and agreements, other mutual obligations between the User and the Violity Administration.

V. Protection of Collected Information

We know that security is important to our users, so we take care to protect your information. However, we also need your help and responsible treatment of your personal data: You are responsible for the accuracy of the personal information provided by you, as well as for the fact that your password and registration data are stored in a safe place, protected from access by third parties and their unauthorized actions. We take all reasonable precautions to protect confidential data. All data we collect is stored on one or more secure database servers and with access denied from outside of our corporate network. Only Violity employees whose job functions require access to users' personal information have access to such information. All employees who have access to user information have signed an agreement not to disclose user information to third parties.

VI. How to change or delete this information

Users can change/delete personal information at any time: it is enough to write a request to the Violity Administration. The operation of some Violity services, which require information about the User, will become unavailable from the moment the information is changed/deleted.

  • The User's personal data is stored until the User deletes it.
  • The User acknowledges that a sufficient notification of the User about the deletion or other processing of personal data will be a letter (information) sent to the e-mail address specified by the User.

VII. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Violity may change or update this Policy from time to time, so we ask that you review it periodically. Your continued use of Violity following changes to the Privacy Policy is confirmation of your acceptance of those changes.

VIII. Additional conditions

The administration of Violity is not responsible for the damage or losses suffered by the User or third parties due to a misunderstanding or total unawareness of the terms of this Privacy Policy, the Rules regarding the procedure for placing and using data, as well as other technical issues.

In the event that any provision of this Policy, including any chapter, sentence, clause or part thereof, appear to be unlawful or invalid, no provisions that are not unlawful shall be affected. They shall remain in full force and fully valid while any invalid provision or provision that is unperformable without further action by the Parties to be considered modified, and corrected to the extent to ensure its validity and enforceability.

The user has the rights provided by the current legislation regulating the circulation of personal data.

This Privacy Policy applies to the User from the moment when he agreed to the terms of this Policy when transferring his personal data and is valid until Violity stores any information about the User, including personal data, except when personal data is withdrawn by the owner of personal data, or other cases provided for by current legislation.

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