Portrait of Marilyn Monroe sold for $195 million at Christie's auction

Portrait of Marilyn Monroe sold for $195 million at Christie's auction

11 May 2022, 20:00
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On May 9, a painting depicting the legendary Marilyn Monroe went under the auction at Christie's, which was held in New York. Created a picture of a classic in the direction of por-art Andy Warhol. The amount offered by the buyer ($195 million) was a record. Now the canvas is the most expensive of all that have been sold in the 21st century. According to preliminary data, the likely winner of the auction - Larry Gagosian (an art dealer with Armenian roots).

The portrait was painted in 1964. The author created it using silk-screen printing technique. The portrait consists of four canvases that merge into a single whole.

Andy was inspired by a photograph from the 1953 film Niagara. The artist simultaneously worked on several dozen versions of the portrait at once. But it was the copy put up for auction that became special. It has an interesting history. One day, Warhol's girlfriend Dorothy Podber set off a shooting in the artist's studio. As a result, a bullet hole remained in the unique creation.

Auction house Christie's noted that the proceeds from the sale will go to a Swiss foundation that takes care of children.

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