24 March 2023, 07:38

Not from poisoning: scientists have suggested that Beethoven died for another reason

Not from poisoning: scientists have suggested that Beethoven died for another reason
New statements by scientists regarding events that have taken place in the past sometimes look shocking. This case can be attributed to one of them. After all, the analysis of samples taken from the head of Ludwig van Beethoven led to the assumption that he did not die from lead poisoning.

A study of DNA samples published in the journal Current Biology showed that the composer's illness was based on a genetic and viral basis. Scientists suggest that the world famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven was infected with hepatitis B a few months before his death.

A genetic analysis was carried out on 5 samples taken from locks of the composer's hair, which were collected during the last seven years of his life. He testified that he was at risk and could indeed be suffering from liver disease.

The genetic predisposition and viral infection that damaged the liver could lead to death.

It looks pretty shocking. Especially against the background of generally accepted information about his death from lead poisoning.

But, again, the study did not show what caused the composer's hearing loss.


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