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"There is no note about the expiration date" - the director of the museum in Kirovohrad region about the exhibition of retro cosmetics

"There is no note about the expiration date" - the director of the museum in Kirovohrad region about the exhibition of retro cosmetics
The Svitlovodsk City Museum of Local Lore, located in the Kirovohrad region, presents an exhibition of cosmetics, jewelry and accessories of the past years. The oldest exhibits date back to the 1950s.

Among the objects exhibited in the museum, the largest part is made up of cosmetics and perfumery. These are mascara bars of different manufacturers, and powders, perfumes of domestic and foreign manufacturers - Germany, Latvia, the USSR, etc.
There is a very rare powdered powder with an unusual packaging design. A metal box with a mesh and a lid that prevents decorative cosmetics from spilling.

Perfumes deserve special attention. Both empty and partially used bottles are presented at the exhibition. The age of some of them exceeds 50-60 years. This, of course, could not but be reflected in the aroma, it changed.
"Red Poppy" and "Stone Flower", perfumes of imported manufacturers, there is also a fragment of a bottle of "Brocard" cologne. It is known that at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, the perfumer Henry Brokar distributed soap and cologne in the center and east of Ukraine. If we talk about the Brokar perfume bottle from the exhibition, its dating cannot be determined now.

In addition to perfumes and cosmetics, visitors can enjoy the beauty of women's bags and jewelry from those years.
During the preparation for the exhibition, the director of the local history museum, Nina Sokurenko, learned a lot. In particular, about the production of cosmetics in Ukraine.

"I also did not know that there was a perfume factory in Zolotonosh. There were two perfume factories in Lviv. Also in Kharkiv, Mykolaiv and Crimea. The concept of expiration date did not exist. It was also clear from things that were re-stitched and worn for a very long time. But it was also visible in perfumery and other goods. "I have a flower soap from 1978, and there is no expiration date," says the director.

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