Turkish bayraktar adorned Ukrainian vyshyvanka

Turkish bayraktar adorned Ukrainian vyshyvanka

22 July 2022, 12:00
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The Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aerial vehicle appeared as an embroidery on a Ukrainian shirt. Now the device, which helps to effectively resist Russian aggression, has become one of the elements of the ornament.

This bold design was realized by the artist-illustrator Marta Leshak and the masters of the Ukrainian brand Motiv. The unmanned aerial vehicle was depicted with national symbols - viburnum, spikelets, birds.

The first to receive an embroidered shirt with bayraktars were the leaders of Baykar Makina, Selcuk and Haluk Bayraktars.

With the word "bayraktar" faced, for sure, already everyone. But to depict this device on an embroidered shirt was a rather bold decision.

It is worth remembering that the Ukrainian embroidered shirt performs not only a decorative function. It is also a guardian. Each embroidery ornament carries a certain symbolism in order to protect the person wearing this clothing from adversity. You can verify this by visiting the subsection "Shirts, embroidered shirts" on Violity.

As for the Bayraktar TB2 drones, in this case they have become a kind of amulets of Ukrainian lands and people from the invasion of Russian invaders. Help save many lives.

It is assumed that embroidered shirts with bayraktars will go on sale. Part of the funds from the sale of such clothes will be transferred to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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Photo © facebook.com
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