16 March, 21:47

The star of Christian Dior: why her?

The star of Christian Dior: why her?
Christian Dior, a great couturier and master of fashion, was not only a talented designer, but also a person who believed in the signs of fate. One of the most famous symbols accompanying his noble career is the star. But why her?

In the spring-summer collection of 1952, Christian Dior included a dress called "Bonne Étoile" (Good Star), where the star became an exquisite motif.
The history of this symbol goes back to the beginning of the fashion designer's career, when on April 18, 1946, he accidentally stepped on a metal star on Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré in Paris. This event turned out to be prophetic - on the same day, Marcel Boussac, a businessman with whom Dior was to meet, and later invested several million francs in the House of Fashion called Dior.

After this event, Christian Dior decided to use the star as a symbol in his collections. This motif not only became his recognition as a designer, but also, it is believed, brought good luck to every woman who wore his works of fashion art.
Since that time, star jewelry regularly appeared in Christian Dior collections and was used by his successors. It is not just a tribute to an outstanding couturier, but also a lucky talisman that gives faith and confidence.

Christian Dior revolutionized fashion with his first show in 1947, where he presented "The New Look" collection. The fashion house was recognized for its elegance and timeless femininity.

Since 2017, the creative director of Christian Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri, has given the star an even more sacred meaning, using it as embroidery on iconic items in her collections.

The Christian Dior star became not only a symbol of fashion and style, but also an embodiment of faith in luck and devotion to the ideals of the great couturier, who sought to make women's lives happier and more beautiful.

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