23 March, 11:59

Polish archaeologists have discovered a medieval belt accessory

Polish archaeologists have discovered a medieval belt accessory
Recently, a rare medieval clothing accessory in the form of a human figure was discovered in the territory of the Pomeranian Voivodeship in northwestern Poland - a belt loop, which became one of the 15 known loops of this type and the only one found in Poland.

This bronze figure, about 6 cm high, depicts an anthropomorphic figure with hands on hips that form circular indentations on the side of the torso. Cuts on the surface of the chest and waist convey the drapery of the tunic, characteristic of the late Gothic period.
The figure stands on a round stand with a hole, probably intended for hanging keys or a wallet. This is due to the open rectangular fastening on the back, which serves to pull the belt through.

Researchers note that this type of belt loop was produced in southern Germany, and was probably created by Bavarian craftsmen, particularly in the city of Nuremberg. The latter was an important center for the production of bronze clothing accessories from the 14th century.
The find was transferred to the Kamensk Museum of the History of the Land, where two late medieval bronze belt loops are already kept. One of them is similar, but the recently found specimen is larger and in better condition.

The find broadens the understanding of fashion and clothing in the Middle Ages, testifies to the art and technical capabilities of the masters of that time, and to the cultural connections between different regions of Europe.

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